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As work gets integrated with life, we must find our inner balance and remember to keep our minds clear and at ease, especially at home. Creating a space for you to meditate, pray, breathe, and connect with yourself becomes vital.

The environment we spend time in plays an important role in our wellbeing, it is to bring in elements of nature, serenity and reconnection with our roots that I created the ebb and flow chair, a meditation chair inspired by the Emirati heritage to allow us to reflect inwards when life brings waves of change. The chair facilitates your choice of finding ease. It was created in the Year Of Zayed and moved across the UAE to create awareness on self care and meditation as a universal tool for wellbeing, beyond religion, culture and language.

Choosing to create a space of meditation at home is a pledge to honor your wellbeing. Each meditation chair is curated to accommodate the spiritual, mental, social and emotional needs of the clients. Every client is unique in their journies and experiences and their furniture needs to reflect that. Our products are intimate and yours only.


Mariam Abdulla Ketait

I'm a family doctor and a holistic wellbeing practitioner bridging the gap between the mind, body and spirit though space.

Al Rowwaiha is a space of wellbeing, to reconnect with yourself and find ease.